As a life-long lover of the arts, my interest turned to photography ten years ago when I talked my father into giving me his old Yashica 35 mm camera.  I was hooked.
I travel easily and I have a passion for discovering new places and new people.   I don’t sit still for long.  Looking through the lens forces me to slow down and pay attention to the simplest detail and the special moments in life.
My work ranges from reflecting a photojournalist’s eye….. to creatively capturing a personal occasion from a unique perspective…..” a tick in time” preserved. My experience includes everything from live music venues and movie stills, to senior portraits and weddings. My real passion lies in blending my photography with my love of music.  I am captivated by the energy of the entertainment industry and attempt to harness some of that fire in my images.
I’m excited about taking pictures and I’d love to have the opportunity to share that excitement with you.